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Two-Sided, Custom Coatings

Kent Adhesive Products Co. (Kapco) has completed a significant upgrade to their 81 inch coater which included two sided custom coating capabilities on both paper and film products. The markets demand for coated two sided products lead to the decision for the upgrade. The most essential enhancement of the upgrade allowed the ability to apply two coatings, either the same or different, in a single pass. The coater upgrade also included additional drying capacity for heavy coat weights on a single side and improved measurement devices to ensure coat weight and correct moisture content.

Kapco also added a second gravure coating head, two new infrared ovens with cross web profiling capabilities, two sided corona treater capability, and advanced tension control through the coater head. These additions allow Kapco to apply functional top coatings to both sides of the web; including water and oil resistance, anti-static, anti-microbial, and many more. They can also produce products that can be used for sheet and roll goods as well as allow for high speed coating technologies.

The coater’s advanced capacities tie into their top coating capabilities letting Kapco supply coated products for almost all the digital print methods available in the market place at a web width up to 81 inches wide. Ed Small, CEO of Kapco, comments, “I am pleased the project is successfully completed and the machine is performing well. I look forward to working with our customers and prospective customers on new opportunities that take advantage of all our new capabilities.”

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