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Specialty and Pattern Coating

Kent Adhesive Products Co. (Kapco) has completed a significant upgrade to their 80 inch coater which included two sided custom coating capabilities on both paper and film products. The markets demand for coated two sided products lead to the decision for the upgrade. The most essential enhancement of the upgrade allowed the ability to apply two coatings, either the same or different, in a single pass.


Kapco specializes in producing custom laminates to meet your needs for adhesive-backed products or even blends of several materials laminated for a unique purpose.

Finished products are supplied in sheets or rolls to your specification. Through combinations of our basic manufacturing skills, Kapco will laminate, slit, and die cut in-line to produce your products in the most cost-effective manner.


Kapco will produce your parts or components to specification, even under the most taxing delivery demands. The most cost-effective production method offered between rotary, steel rule, thermal, or clicker die cutting tools always is chosen for your job. Your job can range from prototype development of a few pieces to high-volume production runs yielding thousands of pieces daily.


Kapco offers shear cutting/rewinding, crush scoring/rewinding, razor cutting/rewinding as well as bologna slitting. Kapco has the capability to slit from widths of 1/8" up to 80" with tight tolerances up to ± .005".


Unique capabilities allow Kapco to sheet flexible materials to your specifications. Back splitting and face splitting options are available to add to your finished product.

Specialty Materials

Double-faced foam, double-coated tape and transfer tape can all be supplied to your specific needs. From sheets to rolls to die cut pieces to custom laminations, Kapco has the capabilities and material inventory to meet your delivery requirements and specifications.