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Coating and Laminating Materials for Demanding Applications

Imagine complex constructions such as a non-woven laminated to a cross-linked foam — coated with a heat-activated adhesive on one side and a pressure sensitive on the other.

And smart materials. With sophisticated topcoats for optimum printability, UV durability, anti-microbial, security, indicator, and water soluble functionality.

Think Big
Imagine precision coating of performance materials 39"-81" wide. Both adhesive coating and top coating. With the impressive ability to coat and laminate dissimilar materials.

Think Flexible
Reverse gravure or reverse roll coating. Wide range of coat weights. Two sided in line Corona treating.

Get Quality and Precision
A combination of infrared and gas ovens for heavy coat weights on a single side or two-sided coating. Cross web profiling capabilities to ensure lay-flat. Improved measurement devices to ensure coat weight and correct moisture content. ISO 9001:2008 with Design.

Get it Fast
Double or single side coating in one pass. Line speeds up to 1250 ft/min.

Design Smart
Design Smart materials with sophisticated topcoats for optimum printability and UV durability.

Demand More
Demand more to improve your products or launch new ones. With the latest in material science. Processing power. And people who know how to deliver results.

Custom Coating on Films, Synthetic Paper, Non-Woven, Foam, Foil, Paper and Vinyl
  • Custom Formulating
  • Emulsion/Water-Based and UV Formulations — Wide Web
  • Hot Melt and UV — Narrow Web
  • Top Coating (Functional & Decorative)
  • Inkjet
  • Laser
  • Indigo
  • Block out
  • Thermal
  • UV Ink Receptive
  • Adhesive Coating (Permanent & Removable)
  • Permanent
  • Ultra-Removable
  • Microsphere
  • Dry Gum
  • Water-Dissolvable
  • Pigmented
  • Heat-Activated
  • pH Neutral
  • Single and Double-Sided Coating
  • Pigmented Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Coating
  • Pattern Coating
  • Pilot Coating
Complete Range from Pilot Coating to Full Scale Production
Kapco Custom Coating has what it takes to manufacture and deliver what you need, when you want it.

Wide web and narrow web coating with a variety of options — plus the ability to modify equipment and processes to provide truly innovative and unique solutions.

Wide Web Coating/Laminating Lines
  • 81" Reverse Gravure and Reverse Roll Coater with natural gas (NG) heated drying
    • Adhesive Coating & Top Coating
    • Wide Range of Substrates
    • Precision Coating with Performance Materials 39 inches to 81 inches wide
    • Two-Sided Coating in One Pass
    • C. A. Litzler Perfect Float® Ovens
    • Two 20' Zones
    • 5 million BTU each
    • 550°F Maximum Temperature
    • High Velocity Air Impingement
    • Full Range of Control
    • Two Infrared Zones
    • Two-Sided In-Line Corona Treating
    • Laminator
    • Cross Web Profiling to Ensure Lay-Flat
    • Reverse Gravure
    • Viscosity Range 200 to 2,000 cP
    • Broad Range of Coat Weights
    • 1 gsm to 40 gsm
    • Reverse Roll
    • Three Roll Design
    • Ancillary Smoothing Bar
    • Improved Measurement Devices to Ensure Coat Weight and Correct Moisture Content
  • 63" Reverse Roll Coater with NG heated drying
    • Reverse Roll Coater
    • Supported Air Impingement Drying
    • In-Line Corona Treating
    • Remoisturizer
    • Laminator
  • 31" Reverse Roll Coater with IR heated drying
    • 30" Coater
    • Reverse Roll Coater
    • Reverse Gravure
    • Direct Gravure
    • Infrared Heated Drying
    • UV Curing
    • In-Line Corona Treating
    • Remoisturizer
    • Laminator
    Narrow Web Coating Presses
    • UV Coating to 16" wide
    • Hot Melt Coating to 18" wide